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From $1,330 per person per day

Spend 3 incredible days in the playground of the rich and famous, glimmering Dubai. Get a VIP tour of the city: you’ll ride a seaplane, shop in age-old alleyway markets of Persian merchants, and visit the Burj Khalifa, while staying in one of Dubai’s (and the world’s) best hotels, like the Burj Al Arab.

Shopping & MarketsUltra-Luxe
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Move from the ultra-modern city-state of Singapore to the exotic tropical paradise of Tioman island in Malaysia on this 5-day luxury journey. You’ll enjoy a swim with a view in the infinity pool atop Marina Bay Sands, followed by a private yacht cruise to a remote Malaysian island, where you’ll fish, snorkel, and dine.

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Spend time in bustling, pristine Singapore, as you bask in the fun, shopping, and culture of city life, before taking an ultra-luxury private yacht cruise, complete with personal butler service, to the remote and stunning Indonesian islands of Nongsa and Nikoi, on this fantastic 5-day luxury escape.

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Spend six days cruising around Komodo Islands, exploring uninhabited islets, prehistoric caves and trekking the jungles. Of course, the main attraction here are those slithery dragons, which roam the island along with lots of other wildlife. There’s plenty of time to snorkel or dive around the gorgeous reefs and pristine beaches too.

Diving & WatersportsPrivate YachtsUltra-Luxe
From $510 per person per day

Hop between the UAE’s two most opulent desert emirates on this exclusive 6-day luxury tour. You’ll experience a few nights in the world-renowned Armani Hotel Dubai, see the sand dunes on a safari ride, visit important mosques, and spend time at the fast-paced Ferrari World, on this exciting adventure.

Architecture & Heritage SitesShopping & MarketsUltra-Luxe
From $2,499 per person per day

From the bustling city of Bangkok to the cultural center of Chiang Mai, the rustic Chiang Rai to the luxurious Koh Samui - all while staying at luxurious Four Seasons hotels - this 10-day adventure-by-private-jet packages the best Thailand has to offer into a vacation that fits the bill.

Private JetsUltra-Luxe
From $9,698 per person per day

Experience Indonesia to the fullest on this private jet and yacht 10-day luxury voyage. You’ll fly in style as you uncover Yogyakarta’s ancient Borobudur, spot exotic orangutans playing at Camp Leakey, dive and snorkel in idyllic Makassar, and charter a luxurious, private cruise ship to the exotic Komodo island.

Architecture & Heritage SitesDiving & WatersportsPrivate JetsPrivate YachtsUltra-LuxeWildlife
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Travel in five-star luxury aboard your private jet and yacht, through Indonesia’s exciting, exotic and stunning archipelago. You’ll explore ancient ruins on Java, meet tribespeople in the stunning Baliem Valley, and sail deep into the exquisite Raja Ampat archipelago aboard a private cruise ship.

Architecture & Heritage SitesDiving & WatersportsPrivate JetsPrivate YachtsUltra-Luxe
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Get up-close and personal with Sri Lanka on this revealing 12-day helicopter tour. You’ll stay in the country’s best hotels, while visiting ancient cities and seeing their age-old ruins and important religious sites like the Temple of Tooth, as you’re graced with incredible bird’s-eye views aboard your helicopter.

Architecture & Heritage SitesPrivate HelicoptersUltra-Luxe
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