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One of Remote Lands' specialties is private aviation in Asia. We have a thorough knowledge of the myriad private jet, turboprop, seaplane and helicopter options available for charter throughout the region. We work with their owners and operators on a regular basis, know which aircraft work best with which routing, and are well versed in matching planes with client's needs. Please contact us today to discuss private aviation for your next trip to Asia.

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Our co-founder & CEO Catherine Heald has been in love with Asia for over 25 years and loves travelling to remote destinations & inspecting our luxury hotels & resorts.
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Why Fly Privately?

Private aviation may be the ultimate travel luxury, particularly within the massive continent of Asia. If you can only spare a week or two for your holiday but want to see and experience as much of Asia as possible, private jet travel is the answer.

Flying privately allows you to visit more destinations, including more remote places, in a short period of time. Avoid having to show up hours before departure time; forget about forced overnight stays in hub cities; and never mind commercial flight delays or cancellations (a particular problem in developing regions). Enjoy hassle-free entry and exit in each country, as well as the intimacy of traveling with family and friends in complete privacy and comfort.

Cost-Effective Solutions

For your long-haul flight, bringing a private jet all the way from Europe or the Americas can be prohibitively expensive.  And it is often less comfortable than a First Class suite on, for example, Singapore Airlines, Emirates or Cathay Pacific.

For a more economical alternative, charter your aircraft within Asia only. Fly commercially on your long-haul and pick up your jet in a hub city such as Bangkok, Hong Kong, Beijing or Delhi.

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