Overlooking the sapphire waters of Milne Bay, Alotau is a city of 10,000 residents and the capital of Milne Bay Province. In 1942, Alotau was the site of the first defeat of the Imperial Japanese Army, as Allied air, naval and land forces pushed back the furthest advance of the Japanese military. Today, Alotau is a tranquil town, far-removed from the turmoil of Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea's national capital. Despite its location and importance as a major transit hub for the region, Alotau is but a boat ride away from some of the most secluded, unspoiled islands left in the world.


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Diving and Snorkeling

Explore the underwater wonders of Alotau’s surrounding islands, home to a range of hard and soft corals, colorful clownfish, anemonies, and other marine life. The visibility is excellent, thanks largely to the lack of development and remote location of the area. Of particular interest is a sunken Japanese Zero dating back to World War II, once a deadly, nimble fighter that ruled the skies over the Pacific, but now overgrown with coral, fish, and marine plants.


Kayak through the clear, teal waters of Milne Bay and the nearby islets, past volcanic islands, coral reefs, and untouched tropical forests. Kayaks are a quiet, unobtrusive, and ecologically friendly way to explore the surrounding seas.


Visit Lauadi, a small village on the Solomon Sea that is home to two worthwhile dive sites, Dinah’s Beach and Deacon’s Reef. Both are frequented by whale sharks and hammerheads. Dinah’s is more of a muck dive, somewhat foggy with sediment, whereas nearby Deacon’s offers superb coral gardens.

Skull Cave and Waterfall

Explore a local skull cave and waterfall. While the names are somewhat gruesome, skull caves are actually resting places for the dead, a sort of sepulcher of respect for deceased notables. After your visit to the caves, go for a refreshing swim in the falls, savor a picnic at a scenic outlook, and climb to the top of the falls to a series of five, small pools.

Stirling Ridge

With your guide, hike across Stirling Ridge, the mountain ridge rising behind the best local resort, where you can view the entire coastline and the dense rainforest canopy. Take a pair of binoculars to view the cockatoos, hornbills, parrots and some 269 species of birds that call Milne Bay their home.

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