Port Moresby

Port Moresby is the capital and largest city in Papua New Guinea. Named for the English captain who first discovered the land in 1873, Port Moresby today is a quickly growing coastal city of 300,000. Despite a bit of a gritty facade in places, the city has a small number of worthwhile sights. Mainly, however, it serves as a major transportation hub and gateway to the rest of Papua New Guinea's destinations, while its marina regularly receives luxurious yachts from around the world.


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Botanical Gardens

Visit the Botanical Gardens, a perfect primer for the wild landscape in which you'll soon be immersed. Stroll the grounds with a local environmental specialist, who will explain both the ecology and wildlife of the country, including its most beautiful and noteworthy avians: the Birds of Paradise and the Cassowary, a large, flightless bird.

Loloata Island

Visit Loloata Island, a short drive plus boat ride from the capital. The island boasts beautiful hiking trails through hills and along the coastline, as well as some pristine sites for scuba diving. Stay overnight at the Loloata Island Resort in a bungalow over the water; in the morning, go diving and see an array of gorgeous coral and aquatic life, as well as impressive sunken wrecks from World War II.

Varirata National Park

Visit Varirata National Park, located outside Port Moresby, and near the famed Kokoda Track, a 60 mile (97 kilometer) hiking trail through the verdant mountains near Port Moresby. Hike along the park’s many trails and catch a glimpse of the country’s bird population in its natural habitat, as well as a distant view of the port and coastline in the distance.

Papua New Guinea Regions

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