Tari is located in the Southern Highlands, known as Papuan Wonderland by the western explorers who discovered these stunning high valleys and limestone peaks in 1935. Tari is the home of many types of orchid, over 13 different species of Birds of Paradise, and the remarkable Huli tribe, who are famous for their wigs and live much as their ancestors have for centuries. Indeed, Tari is one of the last areas in Papua where traditional attire is still worn by the locals.


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Explore rainforest tracks and go bird watching - the country’s pristine rainforest is home to many rare species of birds, butterflies and insects, and there are nearly 2,500 acres of land dedicated to national parks.

Hela Tribesmen

Visit with the older generation of tribesmen from the highlands in this region, and listen as they recount the battles of World War II, when they thought Allied and Japanese aircraft were really evil spirits flying through the air. The Hela people are welcoming and friendly, and are particularly proud of their agricultural prowess and skill at animal husbandry.

Huli Village

Visit Pepoko village, a remote village where you can learn to make the famous wigs of the Huli people. While at the village, stop by a Huli school where you can meet the students and teach them some basic English. Afterwards, take part in a traditional Huli barbecue where the Huli kill a pig and roast it in a pit.

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