If you like crocodiles then Ambunti is the place for you. Remote Lands will take you to face down these ancient eating machines which dwell in the Sepik River basin. Conservationists will love this part of PNG as the WWF is active here. Only 2000 people live in Ambunti and it is an unspoiled place which shows off PNG in a rarified niche. An Up-river trip along the Sanchi will delight all who dare to unlock its secrets hidden amid the tribes and villages who call her banks home.


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River Trip

Take a full day trip up the Sanchi River, or visit some villages upstream from Ambunti – still on the main Sepik River, including Waskuk, Yambon and Yessan.

Sepik Crocodile Festival

See the Sepik Crocodile Festival, an initiative of WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) as part of its sustainable development programs being carried out in the Sepik River basin. The festival celebrates the role of the crocodile in lives of the Sepik people and also provides a venue for WWF to conduct conservation awareness with locals. Village groups will perform crocodile-themed traditional dances and dramas, and crocodile-related Sepik handicrafts will be for sale.

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