One of the most diverse areas of the most ethnically heterogeneous country in the world, the northeastern province of Madang alone is home to over 170 distinct languages. During World War II, Madang saw intense fighting between the Japanese and Australian armies, so much so that the town was reduced to ruins, and had to be rebuilt.

Today, Madang is mostly free of development and largely unspoiled, a land of volcanoes and jagged mountains overlooking the calm, peaceful waters of the Bismarck Sea. A highlight of the area is the plentiful, diverse marine life, including various species of sharks, rays, and coral - perfect for divers and kayakers.


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Barracuda Point

Enjoy the vibrant marine life at Barracuda Point, including barracuda, trevally, sweetlips, fusiliers, hammerhead sharks, silvertip sharks, large coral cod, and schools of sea perch.

Canoeing Expedition

Canoe down the Gogol River, Gum River or Naru River south of Madang town, or the Surumarang River or Wasab River north of the town, depending on water levels. The winding rivers are slow flowing, which will give you ample opportunity to enjoy the view of riverside jungle, and the thatched houses and food gardens of local people living along the river.

Madang Lagoon

Go diving in the Madang Lagoon. The outer perimeter of the lagoon consists of a series of islands connected by coral reef which forms a mini barrier reef of steep walls, each site home to a variety of coral structures. Because of its geography, the area is a real muck diver’s paradise.

Planet Rock

Dive at the volcanic seamount known as Planet Rock, only a few miles offshore from Madang. The seas around the mount plummet to a depth of over 2,000 feet, but the strong ocean currents that surge through Astrolabe Bay sweep around and across the apex of the mount at only 15 feet. Fortunate divers also have encounters with hammerheads, which have been known to school here, and the tiger shark.

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