Trobriand Island

An archipelago stretching over 174 square miles (450 square kilometers), the Trobriand Islands are some of the last unspoiled destinations with Asia, and indeed, the world. Known primarily in the West for their romantic customs, which were widely detailed in a series of anthropological treatises, the people of the Trobriand Islands are one of the last societies in the world to practice matrilineal descent, wherein children take the names of and follow their mother's family.


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Enjoy one of the many beaches that dot the Trobriand Islands, from the clear lagoon at Wawela to the white-sand beaches at Kaisiga and Tawema. Swim in the surreal blue waters of the Bismarck Sea or relax in the shade of the palm trees.

Muyua Island

Visit Muyua, or Woodlark, Island, an idyllic island that was the site of a major airbase in World War II. Today the island is home to a series of striking, beautiful beaches, translucent tropical waters, and thick rainforest untouched by development.

Omarakana Village Chief

Visit Omarakana Village for a closer look at the history, rituals, and ceremonies of the local peoples. Examine the intricate carvings of their wares, and speak with the chief to learn more about his people, particularly the legend of an ancient giant named Dokanikani, whose remains are said to be stored in a nearby cave.

Snorkeling at Kiriwina

Stop at Kiriwina, Trobriand’s largest island, and home to a beautiful beach. On the island are a series of thatched houses and sandy lots where the locals construct their outrigger canoes – slender, swift craft that have a protruding wooden spar to stabilize them in rough seas. Snorkel in the surrounding waters, home to a few intact corals, and swim in the beautiful sea.

Traditional Dance

Watch the traditional dances of the Trobriand Islanders, who have gone to great lengths to preserve and transmit their customs. As in years past, most of the dancing occurs during the yam festival, usually held during June and July of each year. Islanders dress in colorful skirts, and adorn themselves with feathered headdresses, flowered headbands, beaded necklaces, and strips of leaves and vegetation.

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Trobriand Island Itineraries

Goroka Festival

14 days / 13 nights
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Canoes & Mudmen: Papua New Guinea's Great Outdoors

14 days / 13 nights
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Kiriwina Lodge

Kiriwina Lodge

Trobriand Island, Papua New Guinea

A simple but welcoming L-shaped lodge overlooking a peaceful lagoon, Kiriwina is run by charismatic British expat Dennis Young, who personally greets guests with tales of his 45 years in PNG. Rooms are simple and clean, and the lodge serves excellent seafood.

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