Mount Hagen

In 1933, Mount Hagen was the site of first contact between New Guinean tribes and the Australian Leahy expedition, spearheaded by brothers Michael and Dan, the first westerners to set foot in the valley. Today, Mount Hagen is the third largest city in Papua New Guinea and the capital of the Western Highlands Province. It sits at a comfortable 5,502 feet (1,677 meters) above sea level, and because of its elevation remains mild and comfortable year round. Due to its relative isolation, the tribes living in and around Mount Hagen have, for the most part, managed to preserve their customs and traditions.


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Baiyer River Bird Sanctuary

Visit the Baiyer River Sanctuary, one of the largest collections of wildlife and birds in all of Papua New Guinea. Situated at elevations of between 2,642 and 3,937 feet (800-1,200 meters), the sanctuary is home to several species of marsupials, bandicoots and other mammals, as well as over 185 species of birds. Hike one of the many trails that run along the ridges of the sanctuary and gain a stunning, bird's-eye views of the surrounding area.

Coffee Plantations

Visit the peaceful coffee plantations of the region, set along high mountain ridges far from civilization. As you stroll through the plantations, enjoy the sunlight and sample some of the very best blends available, from rich, earthy Arabica to dark, bitter Robusta.

Mount Hagen Festival

Like the celebrations held at Goroka, the Mount Hagen Festival is one of the most exciting, dynamic celebrations within New Guinea. Every year in August, thousands of tribesmen flock to Mount Hagen, identified by their unique clothing, face painting, piercings and other markers. Witness swaths of color, jubilant singing and dancing, and authentic tribal customs little-changed since the days of their ancestors.

Mount Hagen Market

Filled with all the manner of goods and treats, the Mount Hagen Market hosts traders from all across the province. Browse stalls of fresh, organic produce, shop for brightly colored clothing, accessories, and other trinkets, and barter and banter with the friendly locals.

Wahgi Valley

Visit the Wahgi Valley, a spectacular tract of roaring rivers and pristine rainforest. The Wahgi has been inhabited by humans for almost 10,000 years, and today, its indigenous tribes still tend the same gardens and farms and live in the same dwellings as generations of their ancestors. From here, visitors can also access Mount Wilhelm, New Guinea's highest peak.

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