Simbai & Kaironik Valley

Ancient societies, archaeology, history and hiking all intersect in this northern part of PNG. Singing natives, a tribal museum, sacred artifacts and amazing jungle treks are all on the menu for Remote Lands' clientele. Encounter a tribal people who live in dwellings unchanged for time immemorial as traditional lifestyles dominate the Kaironik Valley. Camp in a village for the night, take in the stars and genuinely encounter some of the oldest primitive civilizations remaining in the entire world.


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Jungle Trek

Trek from Simbai to Kaironk, the first day of a two-day trek through the central part of East Sepik province on the northern part of Papua New Guinea, just one province away from Indonesian Papua. People still live in the same hexagonal shaped huts that their ancestors built, cutting materials from the same patches of bush thathave grown in this valley for eons.

Overnight Hut Stay

Spend the night camp-style in zip-up sleeping bags inside an empty village hut.


Be welcomed by a sing-sing, a gathering of a few tribes or villages. Natives will arrive to show their distinct culture, dance and music in order to peacefully share traditions.

Tribal Museum

Visit the little tribal museum which is just a grass hut where they display their tribal “jewels” which are sacred artifacts and some very old head-dresses and ornaments worn by their ancestors.

Valley Hike

Hike through the ancient Kaironk River valley, stopping at the Wombun archaeological dig site, arriving mid afternoon at Dusin village at the end of the valley, located on a ridge overlooking the Kaironk river.

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