The southwestern corner of Papua New Guinea features a wide, sweeping flood plain and the absence of mountains and waterfalls. This area is one of the top wildlife destinations in all of PNG - and in terms of sheer biodiversity, one of the richest parts of the world. Not only is Bensbach is a stopping point for migratory birds on their way north, the waters of the nearby river are home to abundant fish, and the surrounding plains are home to, among others, wallabies, deer, and reptiles like snakes and lizards.


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With almost 250 species of migratory and resident birds, the Bensbach is an ideal location for birdwatchers and nature-lovers. Here, among other species, visitors can see local Pelicans and Sea Eagles, Yellow Wagtails from Eurasia, and Ruddy Turnstones from the windswept Siberian plains.


Home to the feisty barramundi, which can grow up to almost 40 inches (100 centimeters), hundreds of anglers every year make the journey to the river near Bensbach. While much of the fishing is catch-and-release, some of your catch can be cleaned, gutted, and cooked fresh for you.

Local Tribes

Learn about the ways of life of traditional peoples, including the use of strands of malaluca, or paper bark eucalyptus, as building materials and insulation, as well as the role of sago and yams as staples of their diet. Watch a cooking demonstration using traditional techniques – some of which are the last of their kind in the world today.

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