A series of breathtaking fjords, Tufi is an isolated town located on the southeastern peninsula of Cape Nelson. Like other locations within Papua, Tufi was used as a base by the US Navy's torpedo boats, swift raiders who carried out hit-and-run attacks on Japanese fleets. Today, Tufi is one of the few fjords within the nation, and is particularly renowned for its tapa, a special cloth woven from the bark of the mulberry tree, as well as numerous derelict aircraft and sunken ships, a legacy of the heavy fighting experienced by the region in World War II.


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Go diving in the waters around Tufi for a collection of beautiful tropical reefs, sunken ships, and derelict aircraft. Most of the area features excellent visibility in excess of forty feet (twelve meters), though muck diving is available under Tufi wharf.

Of the sights in the area, perhaps the most famous is a sunken B-17 bomber, a giant, four-engine aircraft that was a workhorse of the US military during World War II. Decades after the war, the aircraft, like other derelicts, has been completely covered by marine life and transformed into a coral reef.


Embark on a fishing expedition by traditional outrigger canoe, a slender, wooden craft with a protruding wooden spar – used to stabilize it in rough seas. Enjoy the fresh air, salt water, and sunshine, and try your hand (and luck) at fishing.


Visit the fjords, a series of looming inlets that rise hundreds of feet from the sea, and are covered with lush vegetation, among them trees, moss, and orchids. The best way to explore these magnificent inlets is by kayak; paddle through the serene, deep waters and gaze upon the rocks up close.

Nature Trek

Trek the local rainforests in search of the strange flora and fauna that reside within its confines – chief among them the Alexandra Birdwing, the world’s largest butterfly.

Tapa Cloth

Watch experts weave tapa, a cloth made from the fibers of the mulberry tree. The cloth is popular in other islands of the South Pacific, most notably Tonga. Due to its intricate designs, which consist of a variety of motifs, from geometric shapes to depictions of wildlife, the tapa makes a good souvenir.

Tribal Villages

Visit local tribal villages that lie two hours from Tufi. In June, these villages host the Tufi Cultural Show and its accompanying sing sing, a festive gathering of tribes that feature dance, music, and other cultural traditions.

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