Cycling through Japan

One of the best ways to explore of Japan is on two wheels: hopping aboard a bicycle and pedalling your way through the gorgeous countryside, hidden gems and golden coastlines of this…

Adventures of Spirituality and Wellness in Japan

Traveling can be about so much more than simply taking a break, getting a little more sleep and lying on a beach. Though relaxing pastimes are important and worthwhile, a vacation can also…

Discovering Esoteric Buddhism at Koyasan

Koyasan is historically regarded as one of the most sacred mountains in Japan and has long been an important hub for cultural and religious exchange. Although it may sometimes be translated as…

Kurashiki: The Bruges of Japan

I am always looking for interesting new places in Japan – off the beaten track with relatively few tourists but lots of culture and plenty to do. The town of Kurashiki in Okayama Prefecture totally fit the bill.

Metal Machine Music: Tokyo’s Robot Restaurant

When Anthony Bourdain paid a visit to Robot Restaurant in 2013, the cabaret show began piquing the interests of foreign visitors. I needed to see this show during my first trip to Tokyo – and in fact I was lucky enough to see it twice!

Luxury, Japan-Style: Kaga’s Ryokans & Onsens

To properly sample the traditional Japanese way of life, there are two experiences that I would encourage all visitors to try. The first would be to stay at a traditional Japanese Inn, known as a Ryokan, and secondly to pay a visit to a Japanese Hot Spring, which is called an Onsen

Gardens, Geisha, Gourmets: A Trip to Kanazawa

With access to the city now so much easier, Kanazawa will start receiving the attention it so greatly deserves, as this is a city chock full of sights, history and culture, without being overcrowded with tourists.

Life on a Limb: Japan’s Noto Peninsula

Noto is a fascinating area of Japan. The people are very proud of where they are from, and this shows in the quality of their produce, which is predominantly gathered from the land and the sea.

Japan: Perfection Personified

What is it about Japan that so thrills us with almost uninhibited enthusiasm? What is the grand secret the Japanese are able to conjure almost at will in their quest to be exquisitely precise in all they do?