Into the Wilds of Kamchatka

Jay Tindall x January 19, 2018

Kamchatka is a mysterious destination in Russia’s Far East, located along the “Ring of Fire” and known for its more than 200 volcanoes and diverse wildlife.

Muscat Get-Away

Trinity Nguyen x January 19, 2018

Oman is an Arabic country in the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, a historically strategic location – and not one that is commonly on the radar for many travelers. However, with…

Getting Down to Earth: Into the Wadis of Oman

Jay Tindall x January 19, 2018

As the sunrise woke me, I got my first glimpse of Oman. The contrasting view of the beach below and the rocky Al Hajar mountains was a fitting introduction to a journey that would take me all over the diverse terrains of this fascinating country.

Sri Lanka’s Cultural Triangle: Discover the Soul of a Nation

Jay Tindall x January 19, 2018

Whether your trip to Sri Lanka includes the stunning beaches in the south, the lush highlands terraced with tea plantations or a wildlife safari in one of its national parks, it’s worth making the effort to venture into the country’s heart to explore the Cultural Triangle to get a deeper sense of history.

Bacolod Masskara: Festival of Faces

Jay Tindall x January 19, 2018

I’ve known for some time that people in the Philippines know how to throw colorful festivals, but it wasn’t until I recently ventured to Bacolod in Negros Occidental to experience one for myself that I truly understood the spirit of a Filipino party.

Eternal Flames: the Fire Dancers of Papua New Guinea

Rick Lunt x January 19, 2018

In Baining culture the Fire Dance is performed on various special occasions, including the birth of new children in the village, remembering the dead, as well as being a coming of age ceremony for young men entering adulthood.