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Wulingyuan: A Real-Life Avatar Adventure

Explore an imaginary world come to life when you visit the Wulingyuan region of China. Visit the area used as inspiration for the record-breaking and award-winning film Avatar. Hike through the incredibly gorgeous national park, pausing to revel in the views and extraordinary landscape. This four-day Real Life Avatar Adventure takes you through the incredible scenery in Wulingyuan, an area almost too beautiful to believe. 

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  • See the famous mountain coined “Avatar Hallelujah Mountain” for its appearance in the film
  • Enjoy local music as you cruise along the deep green waters of Baofeng Lake
  • Hike through the valleys and marvel at the 3,000 towering pillars populating the UNESCO site 
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Day 1

Arrive in the city of Zhangjiajie in Wulingyuan by either train or plane. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled to enjoy the natural beauty of the region as you approach the small city. Check into the Hotel Pullman Zhangjiajie, the only 5-star international hotel in the Wulingyuan scenic area. Familiarize yourself with your lush surroundings and rest up for a big day tomorrow.

Day 2

Visit the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, a UNESCO Global Geopark. Hike among the 3,000 stunning pillar-like formations that tower throughout the park. Take an elevator up the Huangshi Fort and marvel at your bird’s-eye view of the park. Hike a mountain path to soak up the lush foliage and follow the Jinbian Brook from north to south to wind across the mountains and valleys. This evening, retire to your hotel after an active day.

Day 3

Explore Tianzi Mountain and see the towering beauty named after a rebellious farmer who led a successful revolt. The highest peak is Tianzi Peak, offering incredible views. There’s no better place from which to view the mountains than from the top of the highest peak. Spend your evening relaxing back at the hotel.

Day 4

This morning, check out the stunning freshwater Baofeng Lake. You can even take a cruise on the lake and learn about the surrounding stone formations from a local guide. Enjoy the steep green cliffs that mark the lakeside as traditional singers provide some ambient entertainment. This afternoon, sit back on the world’s longest cable car to reach the summit of Tianmen Mountain, where you will enjoy yet another breathtaking view of the countryside below. As dusk settles in, it will be time to take either a train or flight to begin your journey home.


Suggested Accommodations

Hotel Pullman Zhangjiajie

Hotel Pullman Zhangjiajie

Hotel Pullman Zhangjiajie is the only 5-star international hotel in the Wulingyuan scenic area. The hotel is located approximately 50 minutes from Zhangjiajie Hehua Airport. The hotel offers modern, specious rooms with a flat-screen TV, complimentary wireless internet, minibar, and Bose docking station for audio devices. Hotel amenities include the Pullman Fitness Lounge with cardio and weight lifting equipment, outdoor swimming pool, spa, tennis courts, and snooker and billiards tables. Multiple dining options are available and include the V Cafe and an open kitchen.

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