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Our selection of luxury Kazakhstan itineraries helps you experience the best this huge, spectacular country has to offer, whether it's taking in the best-known sights or getting off the beaten track. Our Ultimate Kazakhstan itinerary is the perfect introduction to the country, including the hotspots of Almaty, Shymkent and Astana.

Our Kazakhstan itineraries can be booked as they are, customized to your own requirements, combined with each other, or simply used as a source of inspiration for creating your own tailor-made holiday. They can also be combined with itineraries from other nearby destinations including Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan to create an amazing multi-country itinerary. 

From $8,900 per person

Tribal people have roamed through Kazakhstan for centuries, leaving behind rock carvings, underground mosques, catacombs and so much more for you to discover on this exciting 11-day archaeological tour through Almaty, Issyk Lake, Sairam, and more. Get ready to explore ancient cultures and natural wonders. 

From $6,000 per person

For a quick overview of Kazakhstan, look no further than this trip: in just six days, you will visit the country's three largest cities, explore cultural landmarks and take in amazing views of mountains, canyons and caves. Ending at the Uzbekistan border at Chernyaevka, this is the perfect itinerary to add to your Central Asian adventures. 

From $8,500 per person

Welcome to Kazakhstan, the largest Central Asia country, packed with mountains, deserts, and lakes. This action-packed 11-day itinerary showcases the best of Kazakhstan, from its glistening cities of Astana and Almaty to the Aksu-Zhabagly Nature Reserve and Big Almaty Lake. 

From $7,000 per person

From carved Buddhas to a Muslim shrine, an underground mosque, to the site where Noah’s ark came to rest, this nine-day trip through Kazakhstan will introduce you to this country’s central historical and spiritual elements. Exploring glittering cities and tranquil landscapes, marvel in the rich culture of this Central Asian gem. 

From $11,300 per person

From large cities to nature reserves, mausoleums to museums, this comprehensive 18-day trip through Kazakhstan provides an excellent overview of what this diverse Central Asian country has to offer. Whether you like to stroll through a major city or hike through the mountains, this itinerary has it all!

From $6,500 per person

It’s impossible to see all the sites of Kazakhstan in just over a week, but we’ve got an action-packed itinerary to show you the highlights! From the glistening city of Almaty to Sairam Ugam National Park and a visit to Turkestan, this itinerary packs in everything from underground mosques to mountain skating. 

From $10,800 per person

For two-and-a-half weeks in Kazakhstan, visit modern and ancient cities, local museums and sites of ancient petroglyphs, canyons and gorges, deserts and wildlife preserves. From the capital city of Almaty to the largest city of Astana, this tour is truly The Ultimate Kazakhstan Adventure!

From $11,600 per person

Over the course of two weeks, this intensive journey through Kazakhstan brings you from the former labor camps of Karaganda to the hiking trails of the Tien Shan mountains. History will come alive as you visit museums, meet local people, & trek through varied landscapes, while staying in homestays and a traditional winter hut.

From $4,900 per person

Enjoy the sights and sounds in and around the Turgen Valley on this exciting 10-day trekking adventure in Kazakhstan. Starting and ending in the large city of Almaty, you will enjoy four days of intense trekking and camping in the Zailiskiy Alatau mountain range, mixed in with visits to cultural attractions. 

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