Our trip to Myanmar, Nepal and Bhutan was the perfect choice of countries with dramatically different experiences. The 74-year-old head monk informed us we were the first foreigners he had ever met or to enter the monastery.
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Nepal - Pokhara

The second largest city in Nepal, Pokhara sits in its eponymous valley, and is the second largest city in Nepal, home to about 26,000 people. Its subtropical forests rise to mountains that loom 8,000 meters (24,246 feet) over the surrounding lowlands, making for a striking contrast between the lush green of rich rice terraces, and the stark white of the snowcapped mountains. Because of the elevation, temperatures in Pokhara are mild year-round, and snowfall in the winter is confined to some of the higher hills.
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Our General Manager Victoria Hilley loved her helicopter flight around Mount Everest, along with visiting the countryside around Nagarkot.
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