Kanha National Park

A patchwork of expansive meadows and lowland forests, Kanha was founded in 1955 as a National Park and tiger reserve. Best known in the West as the inspiration and setting for Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book, today Kanha National Park is home to over a thousand species of plants, rare barasingha, or Indian swamp deer, ox-like gaur, hyenas, sloth bears, leopards, and of course, Bengal tigers. Despite its fame in India and the rest of the world at large, Kanha National Park has managed to preserve its untamed surroundings. Indeed, it is still possible to walk through the lush environs of Kanha, and see the area as Rudyard Kipling did.


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Bamni Dadar

Bamni Dadar, or Sunset Point, offers a beautiful view of the surrounding jungle and local wildlife. Travelers should note that there are viewing platforms available during the day; ideally, the best platforms sit atop watering holes. To catch a glimpse of wildlife, be sure to aim for early morning or late afternoon.

Kawardha Palace

An imposing, grand resort built in 1936 by King Dharamaj Singh, the local ruler, Kawardha Palace lies about 77 miles (124 kilometers) from Kanha National Park. Built entirely from imported Italian marble, Kawardha sits some 3,087 feet (941 meters) above sea level, far-removed from the heat and humidity of the tropical plains. Like Kanha, Kawardha has changed little since the days of the British Raj.

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