Pench National Park

Pench, along with Kanha National Park, was one of two areas that inspired Rudyard Kipling to write his classic The Jungle Book. Comprising 293 square miles (728 square kilometers) of grassland, gentle hills, and patchy forest, Pench is named for the river which flows through its grounds. Unlike other areas in India, Pench has three distinct seasons: the monsoon, which runs from July to September, winter, which runs from November to January, and summer, which runs from April to June.


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Elephant Safari

Explore Pench by elephant, an ecologically friendly, unique means of transportation that also may increase your chance of spotting the local wildlife. Unlike four-wheel drive vehicles, elephants are quiet and undisruptive, and are an excellent way to view the park. Local wildlife include gaur, or Indian bison; sambar, or Indian barking deer; nilgai, or antelope; chowsingha, or four horned antelope; wild boar, macaques, langurs, and many more.

Pench Tiger Reserve

Located within Pench, the Tiger Reserve is one of the most visited places in the park, and for good reason: lucky visitors can catch a glimpse of the Royal Bengal Tiger, or the Indian leopard – lighter colored than and not quite as heavy as their African cousins.


After the monsoon season, between the months of September and October, visitors may go rafting on the Pench River. Pass rocky, forested outcroppings that overlook the river; lucky travelers may catch a glimpse of one of Pench's wild inhabitants as they make their way down to the river for a drink.

Wildlife Institute of India

A radio telemetry study of the park is being carried out as a part of the government’s conservation efforts. Learn about this program, which seeks to protect the habitat of the Bengal tiger, as well as other animals, including, in particular, the highly endangered gaur.

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Preferred Hotel

Taj Baghvan Lodge

Pench National Park, India

A luxurious safari lodge, Baghvan is located at the edge of Pench National Park, situated next to a stream and surrounded by forest. The lodge is approximately 90 minutes' drive from Nagpur Airport. The lodge consists of 12 contemporary-style bungalows with large courtyards, private shaded sit-outs, an outdoor shower and a romantic rooftop sleep-out on a private machan, or jungle platform. The machan is protected with a mosquito net, refreshed with an overhead fan and comes with a hookah. In the summer months, a traditional Khus screen is sprinkled with water, which cools the breeze wafting in and scents it with a lovely fragrance. Fine Indian cuisine is served on your private veranda or on the poolside deck. There is also a bar & library, as well as in-room spa treatments.

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