Once one of the richest cities in India, Mysore has a history of over 1,000 years. After rising to power as the capital of the Wodeyar kings, the city was home to Tipu Sultan, the famous rebel leader known as the "Tiger of Mysore." While Tipu Sultan ultimately perished in his unsuccessful struggle against the British, Mysore survived; through the years, it managed to balance development without lowering living standards or destroying cultural artifacts, a lesson for modern India itself. Today, the city is one of the cleanest and most organized in India, home to a number of significant buildings and historic sights.


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Dinner with the Prince

Have a private dinner with Mysore’s prince and his family, who live in the half of the palace not open to the public. He will give you a private tour of his home and detail the history of his family, whose rich past also bears the weight of a curse.

Mysore Market

Spend a morning wandering around Mysore’s fantastic fruit and vegetable market. Learn how to roll incense sticks or purchase fragrant fennel seeds, the latter being a local custom for freshening one’s breath after a meal.

Mysore Snacks

Sample crispy dosas, large, flat pancakes made of lentil flower and stuffed with a variety of fillings, from curried potatoes and onions to shredded chicken. Stop by a chaat stall, which serves savoury snacks, such as aloo tikki, or potato fritters served with cilantro and sweet tamarind chutney; bhelpuri, puffed rice served with vegetables and a tangy sauce; and laddoos, decadent, ball-shaped sweets made from a variety of flours.

Silk Weaving

Visit a sari silk weaving mill and meet with the owner to see how intricate patterns, hallmarks of luxurious fabric from Mysore, are woven through a complex punch-card system.

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