One of the last places to see the Bengal Tiger in its natural environment, Ranthambhore differs from other tiger preserves and national parks in that visitors frequently spot its large, thriving tiger population. Located in the northwestern state of Rajasthan, Ranthambhore is a series of dry savannas, emerald lakes, and patchy forest framed by the peaks of the Aravili and Vindhyan Hills.


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Ranthambore is also famed for its diversity of birdlife. Embark on a nature walk with an ornithologist and learn about the myriad of migratory birds that pass through here and the resident breeding birds that make their home here for most of the year.

Game Drive

Rise early and go for your first game drive. Drives begin at 06:30 am and end around 10:00 pm, after which all vehicles must depart the park. In the winter, seeing tigers is rare, but the park is home to a number of other species that you may see, including leopards, crocodiles, striped hyenas, sambar deer, macaques, jackals, black bucks and Indian flying foxes.

Visitors should note that the best time to spot game in general is during the hottest period of the year, April through June.

Jeep Tour

Take an open-top jeep to the old city of Ranthambore, which is located within Ranthambore Fort, a monument within the grounds of the national park. Your expert guide will illuminate the old city's history, starting with its construction between 944 and 1110 AD. Given its prime location 700 feet above sea level, it was the site of many decisive battles over the centuries.

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