The rural swath of arid land dotted with ancient granite boulders and hills located roughly between Udaipur and Jodhpur of Rajasthan is the undefined Jawai area, named for the Jawai river than flows languidly through the region. Jawai is home to range of wildlife, particularly the elusive leopard, as well as Rabari nomads and pastoral villages, all of which must live harmoniously with the land.


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Leopard Safari

Set out in customized 4x4 jeeps, with an expert guide on board who will convey to you every corner of the camp and grounds. Discover new areas, new animals and make sure to keep an eye out for the captivating JAWAI resident leopard that roams about.

Shepherd's Stroll

Traverse the rugged terrain to experience the rural Indian wilderness and meet the Rabari shepherds guiding their flock through the fields. The Rabari people are an indigenous tribal caste of nomadic cattle and camel herders and shepherds that live throughout northwest India.

Sunset Vintage Jeep Ride

Enjoy an unforgettable ride through the beautiful countryside on a vintage jeep as the sun sets over the hills, bathing the landscape in twilight colors of orange, red, and gold.

Village Walks

Meander through the narrow lanes of a rural village amongst cattle and farm animals, and interact with the locals to learn about the community and daily lifestyle. Take time to learn about local handicrafts such as pottery, bangle making, and weaving.

Private Dining

Take advantage of the expanse of JAWAI camp and surroundings by dining outdoors. Breakfasts in the bush, picnics in the wild, luncheons by the lakes and romantic dinners under the stars – the choice is yours.

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