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Delving into Lanna History

2 days / 1 night
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This two-day adventure gives you an incredible look at Northern Thai culture - which is vastly different from its southern sister. Enjoy a comprehensive culture, nature and culinary tour when you embark on this History of Lanna itinerary. The trip is perfect on its own, or as part of a larger Asian adventure.

This itinerary is an example. It’s designed to inspire you and provide you with thoughtfully curated ideas. You can choose to do this exact itinerary or completely personalize it. All trips are 100% bespoke.


  • Doi Suthep at Sunset: The sacred mountain of Doi Suthep and the temple located at its peak provide gorgeous views of the surrounding landscape, best enjoyed at dawn or dusk.
  • Khao Soi: This simple dish of noodles, coconut milk, and curry soup is a firm local favorite and a must-try while you're in the north of Thailand.
  • Lamphun: Venture off the beaten path in Lamphun with a visit to Wiang Takan, the "Lost City of Lanna."


Day 1

Chiang Mai

You guide will meet you at 8am the first morning and drive you to the area near the beautiful Wat Ket. We start our walk from here at the quaint Christian Church. The walk follows the Charoenrat Road to Wat Ket, and passes by several darling old shophouses. Upon reaching Wat Ket, we will tour the incredible temple and its fascinating museum. Next, visit an entirely unique location of worship - the Sikh Gurdwaras. Cross the Nakorn Ping Bridge over the Ping River to reach the bustling Warorot Market. You will find endless delights for both your stomach and your eyes. Continue walking to the Chinese Muslim area, Ban Haw. Pay a visit to the Mosque before indulging in a hot, steaming local favorite - khao soi - for lunch. The walk ends as we cross the iron bridge and admire a 145-year-old teakwooden Lanna-style house. The car will be waiting for us at the Presbyterian Church. We will now return to the moated city of Chiang Mai, where we will visit Wat Chedi Luang and Wat Phra Sing. You can even chat with a monk if you wish. Finish the day at the temple on a mountain - Doi Suthep. The temple offers an unrivaled view of the city. Return to your hotel to relax that evening.

Day 2


Your guide and driver will meet you at your hotel at 8:30am to take you to the stunning ruins of Wiang Kum Kam, located just outside the city. The city was founded in 1248 by the ruling King of Chiang Rai. It sits next to the Ping River and is therefore prone to flooding - the reason it was abandoned nearly 300 years ago. Next drive to Lamphun, following along the troublesome-but-beautiful Ping River. In Lamphun, we visit the old city wall and the gorgeous Wat Haripunchai. Indulge in delicious local khao soi from another one of our favorite restaurants. Stock up on handicrafts at the market across the Kuang River. Next, wander through another lost city of Lanna - Wiang Takan. The place is not on the average tourist map, so we tend to have it all to ourselves. The sprawling ruins are fascinating and a must-see. If we have time, we will stop at the small handicraft village of Ban Tawai. This is the final stop on our program. From here, you’ll be dropped off at your hotel. You can choose to extend your stay or return home.

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