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Khasab Mountain and Fjord City Break

3 days / 2 nights
Price Per Person
Amazing Landscapes, Open Spaces

A three-day, two-night package to Khasab, the capital of the Musandam Peninsula, this short itinerary is jam-packed with excitement and adrenaline. Drop off your bags and hit the road on a 4X4, visit local villages and a national park, and take an envy-inducing fjord cruise, all in the timespan of a weekend. The perfect add-on to a visit to Muscat, this short trip will barely let you take a breath - but will most certainly take your breath away. 

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  • 4x4 to Jebel Harim: Jump in a 4x4 for a half-day mountain safari to Jebel Harim and back through the acacia trees in Birkhat Khalidiya Park, which remain green all year round.
  • Dhow Cruise: Take a dhow through the aquamarine waters of the Musandam Fjords; here the water is clear, the views are striking, and the dolphins are playful.
  • Tawi Petroglyphs: Travel back in time more than 5,000 years to view some of humanity’s early artworks with the Tawi Petroglyphs found on the Musandam islands.


Day 1


Welcome to Khasab, unofficially dubbed the “Norway of Arabia” for its position at the tip of the Musandam Peninsula and its incredible fjords. After you have a chance to settled in at your hotel, jump aboard a 4X4 for a half-day mountain safari. You’ll drive to Jebel Harim, the highest mountain in the area, and visit local villages along the way. On your way back, enjoy a visit to the incredible acacia trees in Birkhat Khalidiya Park, which remain green all year round. You’ll stay overnight in the Atana Musandam Hotel.

Hotel Options

Guests can enjoy a delightful stay at Atana Musandam, a soothing hotel overlooking the sea, juxtaposed by a backdrop of the dramatic, rocky Musandam headland. Located on the northern tip of the Musandam Peninsula near Khasab Airport, this resort is less than 28 miles from the Al Darah border and easily accessible from within Oman and Dubai.

This accommodation has been personally vetted by the Remote Lands team and is the best available in the area. More information on this property is available on the “Hotels” tab at the top of the page.

Day 2


Spend the day cruising the Musandam Fjords, a spectacular journey with visits to small fishing villages and the famous telegraphic island. Enjoy lunch on board your boat, and spend some time swimming and snorkeling in the turquoise waters - if you’re lucky, you’ll even spot a dolphin or two! At the end of the day, you will return to your hotel.


Day 3


Spend the day exploring Khasab, including the former Portuguese fort and the prehistoric rock paintings at Wadi Tawi. Later, you will be transferred to Khasab airport for your onwards journey.

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