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Art Week Tokyo to Return in November

Citywide initiative run in conjunction with Art Basel will feature exhibitions by the likes of Yuko Mohri and Louise Bourgeois.

Tokyo‘s vibrant art scene is diverse and dynamic, encompassing venues ranging from independent galleries and public museums to private art foundations and collectives.

Art lovers visiting Japan‘s kaleidoscopic capital are in for a treat this November as Art Week Tokyo returns.

Held every November at multiple venues across Tokyo, Art Week Tokyo has established itself as a major annual international art event and a unique citywide initiative that connects to both the regional and global art scenes.

This year, 52 participating museums, galleries, and art spaces are presenting a stellar lineup of exhibitions headlined by some of the leading names in Japanese and international contemporary art.

Additionally, special Art Week Tokyo platforms, including the curated sales platform AWT Focus — to be curated this year by Mori Art Museum Director Mami Kataoka—and the pop-up AWT Bar, welcome diverse audiences to the event. With Art Week Tokyo and Art Basel continuing to deepen their collaboration, the third full-scale edition of Art Week Tokyo will be more exciting than ever.

Highlights of this year’s cultural jamboree include stellar exhibitions headlined by Yuko Mohri, Rei Naito, and Louise Bourgeois.

“Art Week Tokyo was founded as a new model of art event, one that combines the collecting element of an art fair with the engagement of an art festival and a commitment to bringing broad audiences to the places where art is happening in Tokyo,” said Atsuko Ninagawa, Cofounder and Director, Art Week Tokyo.

 “It continues to be so rewarding to see Tokyo’s art community come together year after year to amplify all the talent and creativity the city has to offer while providing a platform for artists and galleries who operate outside of typical market circuits. The achievements of Art Week Tokyo confirm that we are helping to foster the next generation of contributors to the local art scene and reinforcing vital connections with regional and global art discourses.”

 “For Art Basel, the relationship with Art Week Tokyo remains an important symbiotic partnership in the region, celebrating and bringing together the flourishing Tokyo art scene by spotlighting Japan’s talents in arts and culture,” said Vincenzo de Bellis, Director, Fairs and Exhibition Platforms, Art Basel.

“This is in line with our deep commitment to our galleries and the sustainable development of the arts ecosystem that supports them. The continued success of the Art Week Tokyo event format allows audiences to immerse themselves throughout the art neighborhoods of the city, offering a deep, holistic cultural experience that reinforces Tokyo’s standing as an art world destination.”