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Himalayan Foothill Trek - Putao to Ziya Dum

On the west side of the Nam Lang River, there lies a nearly undiscovered way of life waiting to be explored. Enjoy this unique opportunity, and insight into old world culture on this six-day Ziya Dum Trekking itinerary. Travel by car and foot in Yangon, Putao, Upper Shanguang, Wason Dum, Ziya Dum, Hkalan Dum and Kyauk Sein Taung. Learn about an exotic culture as you chat with tribe members in each of these small ancient villages. Tread where few travelers have gone as you stay in local houses and spend a day discovering how they truly live. 

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  • Observe the Lisu and Rawang Tribes living in peace, side by side, in the picturesque Upper Shanguang Village
  • Hike through lush jungles, crossing over gurgling rivers by suspension bridges and marveling at colorful wildflowers as you trek between villages
  • Enjoy the natural beauty of the Jade Mountain, known as Kyaun Sein Taung, as you hike along the pass
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Day by Day Itinerary

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Day 1
Yangon - Putao - Upper Shanguang

Travel from Yangon to Putao by Air Bagan. Arrive in Putao and enjoy a traditional, savory lunch at a local restaurant. Begin your trek to Upper Shanguang, a village inhabited by both the Lisu and Rawang tribes. Visit with the friendly villagers and learn about their preserved, traditional way of life. Retire for the night at a local house.

Day 2
Upper Shanguang - Kyauk Sein Taung - Wason Dum

Trek to the peaceful Wason Dum Village through the Kyauk Sein Taung Pass - charmingly named “Jade Mountain” in the local language for its natural composition. Keep your eyes peeled to spot stunning wild orchid and hornbill. The countryside is buzzing with wild birds and rare butterflies. Arrive in Wason Dum and spend the night at a local house.

Day 3
Wason Dum - Ziya Dum

Trek through the small village of Awa Dum and visit with the local Lisu tribe as you make your way to Ziya Dum. Hike through the dense, lush jungle and cross a suspension bridge to reach Ziya Dum. Spend the night at a local house in the village.

Day 4
Ziya Dum - Hkalan Dum - Wason Dum

Get an early start after breakfast and trek to the Hkalan Dum Village. Explore the jungle further and cross another suspension bridge to reach Wason Dum. Visit with the local Rawang people and learn about their culture. Spend the evening at a local house.

Day 5
Wason Dum - Kyauk Sein Taung - Upper Shanguang

Spend the day trekking between the villages on your way back to the Upper Shanguang. Take the scenic route along the Kyauk Sein Taung pass and pause to smell the beautiful wildflowers spotting the hills. Spend the night at a local house in Upper Shanguang.

Day 6
Upper Shanguang - Putao - Yangon

Trek from Upper Shanguang to Putao - a tiny village famous for its specialty moonshine. Learn how the alcohol is made and sample its unique flavour yourself. Fly to Yangon, where you will spend your final night before beginning your return home the next morning.


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