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Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh is India's northeasternmost state, bordering Myanmar, China and Bhutan. One of the most linguistically fertile and ethnically rich areas within Asia, it's home to almost 50 distinct languages, numerous hill tribes, and ethnicities influenced by the nearby regions. Much of Arunachal Pradesh is located within the Himalayas, and the topography of the area ranges from deep, plunging valleys to jagged, towering peaks. Due to the considerable rainfall and raging rivers (fed by snowmelt from the Himalayas), Arunachal Pradesh is blanketed by a series of lush, alpine forests. While the area has historically been disputed by various nations, including India, China and Britain, today Arunachal Pradesh is a peaceful, scenic area, ideal for hiking, trekking, and cultural exploration.

Travelers should note that the rainy season is from May to September. At other times, the weather is generally mild, though this varies with elevation.

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