Izu Peninsula

Located 2 hours southwest of Tokyo, the Izu Peninsula is a well-loved getaway for the city's busy residents. The economy is largely powered by agriculture and fishing, making it a big departure from the financial and technological drivers of the dense urban jungle. Watersports, golf, and sea bathing are among the most popular reasons to visit the peninsula; it is also well known as the wasabi production capital of the country.


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Beaches of Izu

Visit the beaches of Izu. Hailed as one of the best Japanese locations for watersports, you can take this day as an opportunity to embrace surfing, water skiing, or, for those with relaxation in mind, sea bathing. In addition, it is a valuable opportunity to see Tokyo ’s normally non-stop residents escape and take some time for relaxation and leisure.

Biking Izu

Take a bike ride through the gorgeous Izu Peninsula. Boating lush farmland along a dazzling coastline, every twist and turn of the placid countryside offers fresh, natural vistas and revitalizing country air.


Spend the morning hiking through Izu. Geologically comprised of ancient, eroded volcanoes which have formed the Amagi Mountain Range bisecting the peninsula, the uneven terrain is ripe for exploration and trekking.

Hot Springs

End your day immersed in a hot spring, unwinding after an active day of sun and adventure.

Perry’s Black Ships

During the Japanese Sakoku, or isolation period, beginning in 1633, Japan had cut off ties with the surrounding world to focus on its own cultural and political development. Commodore Matthew C. Perry and his fleet of Black Ships was responsible for ending this era, when he arrived in the Izu Peninsula, demanding Japan open its ports to the United States. While ultimately a conflicted event, it nonetheless radically altered Japanese history and is commemorated as a grand turning point. Within Izu, you can view a recreated model of his Black Ship, a popular destination for travelers concerned with the historical implications of eastern-western relations. There are several other monuments to Perry throughout Izu, including a statue, located along the coast.

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