With two-and-a-half-million people, Fukuoka is the most populous city in Kyushu, and the fifth most populous in Japan. Often referred to by its original name Hakata, this sprawling coastal metropolis is bordered on three sides by mountains and dissected by the Naka River, which flows out into the Sea of Genkai. Fukuoka's central position in Asia and easy accessibility have helped it flourish both economically and culturally, placing the city high on livability rankings and offering much for the modern traveler (of which two million visit each year).

Fukuoka holds a number of claims to fame. It's the home of Hakata ramen, the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks baseball team, and the 700-year-old Yamakasa festival - which sees teams of men race through the city carrying gigantic floats. Edo-period Fukuoka Castle is a must-see, with its 47 turrets and sprawling sakura-dotted grounds. More contemporary attractions include the city's art galleries and museums, its immense shopping malls, the bustling Hakata Port, Marine World, and the iconic, tree-covered Acros Fukuoka building - a "center of international, cultural and information exchange."


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Canal City Hakata

Shop in one of the most unique venues in Japan – Canal City Hakata. This immense shopping and entertainment complex is large enough to have earned the nickname “city within a city,” and houses hundreds of shops, plus cafés, restaurants, cinemas, a games arcade and more. It’s named for the canal that winds through the center of the complex.

Marizon Wharf

Stroll along the boardwalk of Marizon Wharf at Momochi Seaside Park and enjoy food with superb water views. Select from one of the myriad restaurants here – French, Chinese, Italian, and seafood – while overlooking Hakata Bay.

Momochi Seaside Park

Discover the allure of Fukuoka’s sparkling coastline at “Seaside Momochi.” The park area, set on reclaimed land on Hakata Bay, was developed as part of the 1989 Asia Pacific Expo, and boasts palm-dotted streets and beaches of clean, golden sand. A variety of shopping and dining outlets are located here, as well as the impressive Fukuoka Dome.

Robosquare Robot Showroom

Glimpse the future at Robosquare, also in Momochi Seaside Park. The showroom here houses more than 200 robots, each capable of performing a number of everyday tasks. Visitors can interact with these mechanized residents and enjoy daily robot performances.

Shofuku-ji Temple

Step back in time at Shofuku-ji Temple, Japan’s original Zen temple. Built in 1195, the temple’s founder, Eisai, brought the Rinzai strand of Zen Buddhism from China into Japan. Visitors are not permitted inside the temples, but the traditional architecture is just as enjoyable from an outside perspective, and the gardens offer a blissfully tranquil retreat.

Visit Hakata Machiya Furusato-kan

See what life was like in Meiji- and Taisho-era Japan at this quaint cultural folk museum. Comprising three machiya (traditional townhouses), this miniature neighborhood exhibits historical photos and depicts traditional Hakata culture, with local artisans demonstrating their crafts and folk performances throughout the day.

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