Sapporo is internationally famous for having hosted the 1972 Winter Olympics. It is the fourth largest city in Japan. It also hosts the Sapporo Snow Festival which annually attracts about two million tourists gathered from the four corners of the Earth. Sapporo Brewery is also well-known and this brand of Japanese beer can even be found in vending machines all around Japan. The city has a humid continental climate. The city owes much of its modern development to American William Clark, who established an agricultural college on Hokkaido, sought to increase the farming and mining capacity of the region and even taught the Bible here as an ethics course. Sapporo was horrendously bombed by the Allies at the end of World War II by no less than 30 B-29s in a single raid, but her resilient people quickly bounced back to rebuild. Sapporo has emerged as a world-class destination that Remote Lands clientele will adore. It's clean and safe. Just how safe? During the G8 Summit held in this area back in 2008, only four people were arrested: this shows how orderly the Japanese people are.


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Kaiseki Dinner

Return to Ginrinsou for a traditional, multi-course dinner known as kaiseki. Anywhere from six to 15 courses are served, each incorporating local ingredients and classic dishes such as sashimi, sushi, light hot pot stews, miso soup, grilled meats and Japanese pickles to perk up the palate.

Private Onsen

After a long day of sight-seeing and driving, take a soothing soak in Ginrinsou's private onsen that overlooks Ishikari Bay. Onsens are great places to meet Japanese at their most relaxed and free. Going for a communal bath is not just about undressing your clothes. You also undress your worries and remove social boundaries. There are no white collars or blue collars, so it's an easy environment to start up a conversation.

Sapporo Art Park

Start your day with a stroll through Sapporo Art Park with a noted contemporary art expert. This serene park is home to a contemporary art museum, sculpture park and a variety of artists and artisanal studios.

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