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The Longnecks of Loikaw

4 days / 3 nights
Price Per Person
Off the Grid, Tribal

See a rare culture and way of life that is seemingly untouched by the outside world. Traipse across lush hills untrodden by the common tourists. Learn about the different hill tribes that dot the Myanmar countryside as you embark on this four-day, three-night Loikaw Myanmar Expedition.

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  • Longnecks of Loikaw: Known throughout Southeast Asia, the Kayan women of Loikaw are famed for their unnaturally long necks, stretched by coils in accordance with their culture. In Panpet village, travelers enjoy a picnic lunch with a group of elegant Kayan women.
  • Village Life: In Dawdama Gyi and Dawsopyar villages travelers are greeted by the Kayan tribeswomen and have lunch with a local chief.
  • Road Trip: As you explore the Karen Hills by car, enjoy panoramas of villages and rural life.


Day 1


After your direct flight from Yangon to Loikaw, you will be whisked off to your hotel to check in. After acclimatising and relaxing, you will begin your scenic drive to Panpet village, the home of the long-necked tribespeople. Enjoy a traditional picnic lunch with a group of elegant Kayan women and delight in their music and daily lives. En route back to the hotel in Loikaw, make a stop at Taung Kew Pagoda to take in beautiful, sweeping sunset views of the city.

Hotel Options

An expansive ranch-style accommodation set behind a lovely lily-padded pond, Hotel Loikaw is a simple hotel with a fusion of Burmese and Western architecture. Conveniently-located near Htee Ngar Yar Lake, the quiet town of Loikaw in the Kayah State of Myanmar is a serene, tranquil getaway.

This accommodation has been personally vetted by the Remote Lands team and is the best available in the area. More information on this property is available on the “Hotels” tab at the top of the page.

Day 2


Enjoy a leisurely breakfast at your hotel in preparation for a day of discovery ahead. Hop in your car for a relaxing and photo-worthy two and a half hour drive through the beautiful countryside to visit Dawdama Gyi and Dawsopyar villages where you will be greeted with the by the Kayah tribeswomen. Experience local hospitality with a unique picnic at the home of the local chief. After lunch, head back to Loikaw for a tour of the museum to learn about local hand weaving.


Day 3


After a refreshing night’s sleep, wake up to a hearty breakfast at your hotel. Gaze out of your car window to enjoy the unparalleled Burmese panoramas as they glide by on your way to Hte Kho and Ra A Pra villages. Here you will get the chance to meet the fascinating people of the Kayaw tribespeople. This experience to witness their rich culture and traditions is unforgettable. The drive is arduous, but after a long day of discovery, relax back in your hotel in Loikaw.

Day 4


Start the day with breakfast at your hotel in Loikaw for the last time. Before you leave the city behind, don’t miss the chance to pick up some fabulous locally-made handicrafts at the market in the center and see the locals bartering for goods. From Loikaw,  it’s a one-hour drive to Phe Khon, a beautiful small town beside the waters of Lake Inle. Take a stunning boat ride past the lake’s Sagar area for a relaxing and memorable five hours. Reach Inle Lake by the afternoon and travel onwards.

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