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China - Shanghai

Shanghai is one of Asia's most dynamic metropolises, buzzing with new architecture, world-class dining, shopping, arts and nightlife. Of the city's many unique traits, perhaps the most striking is its mix of architectural styles: traditional Chinese, European colonial and ultra-modern. From the dense shikumen, two- to three-story tenements protected by brick walls, to the stately, colonnaded financial buildings on the Bund, to the newest, glass and steel building designed by the world's "starchitects," Shanghai's skyline is one-of-a-kind. But be sure to take note of what Shanghai looks like today - with scores of new developments planned for the foreseeable future, you might not be able to recognize it on your next visit.
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Our co-founder & COO Jay Tindall is a former China resident and a true China expert. He loves visiting remote rural areas and meeting China's ethnic minorities.
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