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India - Calcutta

Calcutta was the capital of the British East India Company and then the British Raj before power shifted west to New Delhi in 1911. It is also India's longest continually operating port city, dating to the 19th century. During the 20th century, Calcutta became a kind of shorthand reference to India's impoverished urban residents, and indeed, in 1950, Mother Teresa founded her organization Missionaries of Charity here, for which the city is perhaps best known today outside of India.

Renamed Kolkatta by the Indian government after independence in 1947, today it is the capital of the state of West Bengal and one of the world's emerging mega-cities - a frantic, giant metropolis that nonetheless has its gentle side. Culturally, Calcutta has inspired numerous artists, writers and scholars, sparking what some have called a "Bengali Renaissance"; among such notables was Rabindranath Tagore, winner of the Noble Prize in Literature (1913) and writer of the national anthems of both India and Bangladesh.

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