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A Journey Into the Heart of Java

6 days / 5 nights
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Heritage, Amazing Landscapes

Explore a unique, exotic culture that has retained many of its ancient cultural traditions while simultaneously growing with the outside world. Discover Javanese dance and see village life in the same form it’s been for centuries with our 6-day Journey Into the Heart of Java itinerary. Watch the sky light up over the majestic Borobudur Temple as the sun casts its first rays across the morning. This rare cultural experience will give you an exclusive glance into an ancient, simpler way of life. 

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  • Javanese Heartland: This fertile island was home to ancient Hindu and Buddhist civilizations, followed by the rise of Islamic traditions and foreign influences brought through trade. Discover the great cultural heritage and religious diversity of this historic heartland through its massive monuments, handicrafts, dance, and village life.
  • UNESCO Grand Temples: The Hindu Prambanan temple and Buddhist Borobudur temple, both designated as UNESCO World Heritage sites, are only approximately 90-minutes drive apart. Explore both grand complexes, must-sees in their own right.
  • Volcanic Marshes: Dieng Plateau is an active volcanic marshland that once had hundreds of temples across its lands. Wander around mineral lakes and hot geysers and visit the remaining temples.


Day 1


Arrive in Yogyakarta - a pulsing cultural Mecca that was the capital of Indonesia during the Indonesian National Revolution. Settle in at your hotel and spend the rest of the day exploring the city. 

Hotel Options

Hotel Tentrem Yogyakarta takes its inspiration from a Javanese word that, in their culture, refers to a peaceful, tranquil, and calm state of being. This independent hotel prides itself on providing a quality experience to its guests by focusing on every detail.

This accommodation has been personally vetted by the Remote Lands team and is the best available in the area. More information on this property is available on the “Hotels” tab at the top of the page.


The Phoenix Hotel Yogyakarta is situated in the heart of Yogyakarta just minutes from the popular Malioboro shopping district and 15 minutes from Yogyakarta International Airport. The hotel was originally commissioned in 1918 to be built as the private residence for a wealthy Chinese merchant.

This accommodation has been personally vetted by the Remote Lands team and is the best available in the area. More information on this property is available on the “Hotels” tab at the top of the page.

Day 2


Start the morning by visit the sprawling 17th-century Sultan’s Palace, also known as Kraton. Marvel at the posts covered in gold leaf and elaborate carvings. Continue onto the Taman Sari Water Castle, the site of the lush royal garden that was built in the mid-18th-century. Spend the afternoon in the quaint blacksmiths’ village of Kotagede. Visit a traditional and immensely colorful Batik home. If you’re feeling daring, pick up a Javanese-style floral shirt and sport it yourself. Finish the day by visiting the impressive Prambanan temple complex. Learn about classic Hindu temple architecture and enjoy a special showing of the light-hearted Javanese traditional dance. Indulge in a delicious and authentic Javanese dinner.


Day 3


Immerse yourself in the local Javanese lifestyle as you spend the day in Candirejo village. Learn the traditional farming methods, the plantation resources and ceremonies. You’ll feel like one of the Javanese, as the locals invite you to join in their customs. That afternoon, you will drive for 1 hour to the Magelang area near Borobudur and stay the night. 

Hotel Options
Why We Love This Hotel

Location: Nestled into a natural amphitheatre, the resort boasts dramatic surroundings, from the Kedu Plain to the front, to the four volcanoes that make up the horizon.

History: The resort is a nod to nearby Borobudur, a 9th-century Mahayana Buddhist Temple, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Service: The Amanjiwo is famous for its warm hospitality, that echoes not only the benevolence of Indonesian culture but also the passion for service ingrained into the Aman brand.

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Amanjiwo Preferred Hotel

The Plataran Borobudur is a comfortable eco-friendly resort and spa located in Borobudur, an area situated in between two volcanoes in Central Java. The villas offer views of the Borobudur Temple, Mount Merapi, and the surrounding teak forests.

If our Preferred Hotel is unavailable, this accommodation is a reliable alternative and has been personally vetted by the Remote Lands team. More information on this property is available on the “Hotels” tab at the top of the page.

Day 4


Rise early to watch the sun rise above the beautiful Borobudur Temple. That afternoon, discover the volcano Merapi from the perfect viewpoint in Kaliadem. This is the most active volcano in all of Indonesia! Walk down to the Elo River and climb aboard a raft for a fun ride you won’t forget - not to worry, the Elo River offers Grade II-III rafting, while it won’t be boring, it’s perfectly safe.


Day 5


Enjoy the view of acres of rice paddies and small villages as we drive for 3 hours to Dieng, a steep volcanic plateau that rises 6,561 feet into the sky. This plateau was sacred to the Javanese Hindus for its closeness to the heavens. Centuries ago, hundreds of temples could be found in the area but only eight survive today. Visit the holy sites that are built in classic Javanese architectural style before journeying back through active volcanoes, sulfur springs, hot geysers and mineral lakes. Smell the contrastingly-sweet odors of tea leafs followed by tobacco leafs as we cross through their respective plantations. Savor a delicious meal at the best restaurant in the area.

Day 6


Spend your final morning relaxing at your hotel before checking out, and departing to check in for your return flight home. 

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