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Suggested Itineraries

Our selection of luxury Mongolia itineraries helps you experience the best this wonderful country has to offer, whether it's taking in the best-known sights or getting off the beaten track. Our Classic Mongolia itinerary is the perfect introduction to the country, including Ulaanbaatar, the Gobi Desert & Khan Khentii, whilst we also offer more remote destinations in our other itineraries including Karakorum and Lake Hovsgol.

Our Mongolia itineraries can be booked as they are, customized to your own requirements, combined with each other, or simply used as a source of inspiration for creating your own tailor-made holiday. They can also be combined with itineraries from other nearby destinations including China or Tibet, to create an amazing multi-country itinerary. 

From $6,800 per person

Discover a world far off the beaten path on this exhilarating 9-day luxury Mongolia adventure. You’ll ride a camel through the Gobi desert, partake in the important Naadam festival, visit fascinating museums, and look for rare roamers in the Yol Valley, while staying in traditional-yet-luxurious Mongolia hotels. 

From $1,800 per person

Step back into Mongolia’s epic history on this whirlwind 4-day tour of Övörhangai province. You’ll drive around sand dunes, visit ancient monasteries, breathe in fresh mountain air, make friends with nomadic herdsmen, and spot rare wild animals, while staying in traditional-yet-luxurious Ger tents. 

From $2,800 per person

Experience one of Mongolia’s most picturesque sights - Lake Hövsgöl, the blue pearl of Mongolia - to its fullest on this thrilling 4-day journey. You’ll hike and picnic in the scenic countryside, and meet nomadic families along the way, while camping with modern equipment beneath the star-blanketed sky. 

From $1,300 per person

Take a quick and exciting 3-day journey into Mongolia’s fascinating history on this luxury tour of Hustai National Park. You’ll pursue the elusive wild takhi horse, hike through verdant steppe mountains, discover ancient Neolithic gravesites, and stay in luxurious Mongolian traditional Ger tents. 

From $3,900 per person

Cross the rugged terrain of remote Mongolia on this exhilarating 7-day luxury adventure. You’ll explore the Northern Gobi desert on the back of a camel, ride horseback through lush pastures, stop at ancient, historically-important sites, and stay in luxurious-yet-traditional Mongolian Ger tents. 

From $2,900 per person

Explore Mongolia’s incredible South Gobi region on this remarkable 4-day journey. You’ll catch glimpses of rare wildlife like the snow leopard, explore the iconic sand dunes, marvel at dinosaur remains, and meet local herders, while staying at the ultra-luxurious Three Camel Lodge.

From $5,300 per person

Spend 6 days exploring the diverse terrain of the Gobi desert. You’ll stay in comfortable, luxurious Ger tents, plod across the rugged terrain on the back of a camel, scale the “Flaming Cliffs,” watch for Mongolian wildlife, and listen for the song of the Singing Dunes on this epic luxury Mongolia journey. 

From $1,500 per person

Take an exciting 4-day expedition into Mongolia’s beautiful backyard, the Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area. You’ll hike the picturesque Hentii mountains, watch for exotic wildlife like wild boar, red deer, and moose, and make friends with herdsmen, while staying in traditional-yet-luxurious Mongolian Ger tents. 

From $1,600 per person

Step into Mongolia’s wilderness on this thrilling 4-day luxury journey. You’ll explore Ikh Nartiin Chuluu Nature Reserve, where you’ll spot unique Mongolian wildlife, trek across parts of the Gobi desert, encounter and interact with local herders, and sleep in traditional, luxurious Mongolian Ger tents. 

From $1,600 per person

Explore the thrilling North Gobi steppe on this 4-day luxury Mongolia adventure. You’ll sit down to an epic picnic on the Gobi steppes, trek across the desert on camelback, and interact with local herdsmen you’re sure to meet along the way, all the while staying in traditional, luxurious Mongolian Ger tents.

From $7,800 per person

Spend an incredible 13-days exploring Mongolia’s wildside, as you make your way through the East and the iconic Gobi desert. You’ll travel to the very edge of Siberia, explore the grasslands on foot and horseback, visit remote, traditional communities, and sleep in some of Mongolia’s best accommodation.

From $16,800 per person

Journey through untamed, historic Mongolia on a thrilling 8-day luxury tour. You’ll visit some of the country’s oldest religious sites, explore a UNESCO-protected valley, look for wild horses, trek around the lush, stunning Lake Hovsgol, and stay in luxury accommodation including traditional-style Mongolian tents. 

From $7,700 per person

Travel through Mongolia’s exhilarating wilderness on this 9-day luxury adventure. You’ll make your way from Ulaanbaatar, to the Gobi Desert, Hustai National Park and Terelj National Park, interacting with locals, shopping at the Black Market, and staying in luxury Mongolia accommodation like the Three Camel Lodge.

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