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India - Agra

Because of its former prominence as the capital of India's Mughal Dynasty, Agra is home to palaces and forts, foremost among them the spectacular Taj Mahal, which has become virtually a national symbol. While Agra today is a bustling industrial city far removed from the days of opulence of the Mughal emperors, it has preserved its monuments well by enacting some of the toughest air-pollution laws in the nation, for example, to protect the fragile white visage of the Taj. Along with Delhi and the northwestern desert city of Jaipur, Agra makes up India's "Golden Triangle," a circuit frequented by travelers for its cultural wealth.
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Our co-founder Jay Tindall is a regular visitor to India, where he loves staying in the palace hotels of Rajasthan. His favourite experience? The amazing Kumbh Mela festival.
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