Bako National Park

Located in Sarawak in Malaysian Borneo, Bako National Park in Malaysian Borneo is home to an impressive array of waterfalls, mangroves and beaches. It is one of the richest ecosystems on Earth, with over 25 distinct types of vegetation spanning its vertiginous cliffs to its dense swamplands. Borneo's most exotic flora and fauna reside in this park, and its inhabitants include carnivorous pitcher plants, proboscis monkeys and bearded pigs. Hiking and photography are the order of the day in this remote region of Malaysia, and while a visit here requires roughing it, experiencing this raw natural setting is well worth it.


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Boat Trip

From Kampung Bako, take a private boat on a 20-minute crossing to Bako National Park, an ecologically rich area of rainforest, waterfalls, mangroves, and beaches. Sarawak's oldest protected area, Bako is home to a wealth of species, such as macaque and proboscis monkeys, monitor lizards, flying lemurs, and countless types of birds.

Nature Walks

After a picnic on the beach, explore the area on any of the 16 well-marked trails - from short strolls to more involved treks - that will guide you through Bako's remarkable diversity of landscape and ecology.

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