Kapit is a town situated on the banks of the Rejang River and was once the domain of the White Raj, the dynasty that ruled Sarawak from 1841 to 1946. These days, modern offices and ferries show how far Kapit has come, although Fort Sylvia is a reminder of its British Colonial past. The fort was built in 1880 and named after the third wife of the White Raj. The immaculately kept lawns, gardens and parks reflect the British proclivity for gardening. Nearby, the Malay Muslim Market is a delight and should be visited in conjunction with strolling through the Chinese Market. Other sites of interest include the mighty and fierce warriors called the Iban, who were once headhunters. These days they live a more temperate lifestyle. For photography and hiking enthusiasts, the Pelagus Rapids and rainforest offer a change of scenery. An upriver cruise will take you to meet other tribal peoples called the Kayan and the Keynah. If you wish, renew your wedding vows in a local ceremony.


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River Cruise

Cruise on a private boat trip upriver, heading towards the bazaar town of Belaga. Along the way, stop to visit the longhouses of the Kayan and Keynah peoples, relatives of the Iban known for their beautiful wood carvings and metalwork. The hospitality of this local people is legendary; your guide will give you a full briefing on etiquette and tradition.

Wedding Vow Renewal

Renew your wedding vows or participate in a local wedding dressed in traditional Iban clothing. Go on a procession through the village, followed by the ritual slaying of a pig for the pig roast to be served at the wedding. After the party, stay in a longhouse as per tradition for newlyweds, or return to the comforts of your resort.

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