Miri was once a sleepy fishing village until oil was discovered here just before the outbreak of World War I. Today, Miri is a tourist town with lovely beaches, bucolic parks, noteworthy cuisine and a nightlife scene. Highlights of the area include the Taoist San Ching Tian Temple, Malaysia's first oil well at Canada Hill, the rainforest of Lambir Hills National Park, offshore diving and the beach at Luak Bay.


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Beachcombing and sunbathing are the top two things to do at the Esplanade, Miri’s beach scene at Luak Bay. Another good beach is Taman Selera, where visitors can enjoy a picnic or sunset cocktails.

Canada Hill Oil Well

Those interested in the development of the oil industry in Southeast Asia will enjoy Canada Hill. This is Malaysia’s very first oil well and it stayed operational between 1910 and the second administration of President Richard Nixon. There’s a Petroleum Museum here and spectacular views of the South China Sea.

City Fan

City Fan has gardens and the biggest open-air amphitheater in all of Malaysia. There is also plenty of opportunity for swimming, running, aerobic workouts and other outdoor activities.

Lambir Hills National Park

About 15 miles south of Miri is the Lambir Hills National Park, which is a rainforest complete with waterfalls and special sections where visitors can enjoy a picnic. Make sure to plan a trek, hike or photography outing while bringing along a specially prepared meal for a picnic.

Reef Diving

Go diving off Miri and enjoy an unspoiled coral reef. Try your hand at underwater photography.

San Ching Tian Temple

Mainland China provided the genesis for the Taoist San Ching Tian Temple, the largest of its kind in all of Southeast Asia. Inside are depictions of dragon,s which show the Sino influence. For those interested in Taoism, this temple makes a fine outing.

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