Sipadan & Mabul

Sipadan, a massive limestone column rising from the floor of the Celebes Sea, is considered one of the top ten diving spots in the world. The area's turquoise waters are home to an amazing variety of marine life, including dolphins, giant turtles, sharks and a technicolor array of tropical fish. Mabul is one of the area's main islands, where guests can stay in comfortable bungalow on stilts over the water.


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Day Diving at Sipadan

Subject to permit approval, spend the day diving around Sipadan Island, considered by many divers to be the top diving spot in all of Asia and among the best on the planet. Once called “an untouched piece of art” by legendary maritime cinematographer Jacques Cousteau, the amazing turquoise waters here are home to spectacular reefs and a dizzying array of marine life, including dolphins, giant turtles, sharks and just about every tropical fish you can imagine.

Diving at Kapalai Island

Kapalai Island is a great destination for macro underwater photography. This ‘muck diving’ site plays host to unusual creatures including colorful nudibranch, frog fish and mantis shrimp, who prefer this sedimentary habitat with small wrecks.

Diving at Mabul Island

There are at least a dozen dive sites around Mabul Island, and many more farther afield. Just offshore from Mabul Water Bungalows is Lobster Wall, where divers can find the eponymous crustaceans as well as a number of hawksbill and greenback turtles, octupuses and eels.

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