Cameron Highlands

Located about 200 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur, the Cameron Highlands are the highest point in West Malaysia accessible by road vehicles. It's roughly the same size at the nation of Singapore. There are amazing activities waiting here including trekking, hiking, mountain climbing around forests, gardens and waterfalls. The highest point of Gunung (Mount) Brinchang is 6,666 feet above sea level. Enjoy the Mossy Reserve, Multicrops Central Market, Boh Sungai Palas Tea Estates, Time Tunnel Museum and Cameron Highlands Butterfly Farm.


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Boh Sungai Palas Tea Estates

Past a Hindu temple in the northern section of Brinchang, one will find the Boh Sungai Palas Tea Estates. Tours displaying how to process and make tea are available. Operated by Malaysia’s largest tea company, this lovely estate has an on-site café with views of beautiful rolling hills.

Cameron Highlands Butterfly Farm

Raja Brooke isn’t a meandering stream: rather it’s just one of many species at the Cameron Highlands Butterfly Farm. Travelers with children are especially encouraged to visit this interactive educational center. There are all manners of insects here, including the stick insect, which your guide can gently place on your hand.

Gunung Brinchang

At 6,666 feet above sea level, Gunung Brinchang is the highest peak in Malaysia which can be reached by a road vehicle. On the top of the mountain is a radio and TV station, and near that is an Observation Tower where visitors can look out over the Cameron Highlands in all its grandeur. The sunsets here are spectacular, so bring along your camera.

Mossy Forest

Visit the Mossy Forest, which is accessed via a boardwalk from the top of Gunung Brinchang. This is one of the best reserves in all of Western Malaysia, and its expansive coverage of moss, fern, lichen and orchids supports endemic fauna that only thrives in this elevated atmosphere. The trees here are covered with moss at the top, and they have remained undisturbed for centuries.

Multicrops Central Market

Market lovers will appreciate the Multicrops Central Market's selection of teas, honey, jam and a plethora of other locally produced food items. Browse, shop, meet the locals and uncover culinary delights to take along on your hikes, treks, picnics and other outings.

Time Tunnel

The Time Tunnel is filled with objects, art and photographs that depict life in the Cameron Highlands before the Japanese occupation. The museum's Jim Thompson section contains memorabilia of the noted American silk designer, who notably spent time at the Cameron Highlands before his mysterious disappearance.

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