Kuching is a charming colonial town in Sungai Sarawak in Malaysian Borneo. It is a tolerant, multicultural place of good relations and tranquil daily life. During the 1800s, Kuching, the name for felines in the Malay language, was called Sarawak until 1872. From the scenic parks, it's possible to see the distant Bungo mountains during your morning or evening strolls. A visit to Kuching is not complete without encounters with tribal peoples, including the indigenous Orang Ulu, famous for their highly ornamented woodcarving and the haunting melodies of the mandolin-like sape instrument. For an overview of the area, the Sarawak Museum offers a history of Borneo's traditional cultures while the Main Bazaar is a great place to see local color.


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Dinner with locals

Sarawakians are known for their hospitality, and Remote Lands can arrange for you to meet a group of locals, who will introduce you to your first sips of tuak, the potent Iban rice wine. Kuching is known for its excellent local seafood, including regional specialties such as mud crab in pepper sauce.

Main Bazaar

Tour the Main Bazaar, where shops and galleries are stocked with tribal handicrafts and artifacts from across Borneo, including beads, textiles and even spears.

Noodles & Tea Breakfast

Rise early for a Sarawak-style breakfast. Try famed noodle dishes such as mee goreng (fried rice noodles with egg, tomato, tofu and chilies), and sip on teh tarik, a frothy mixture of tea and condensed milk.

Sarawak Museum

Visit the Sarawak Museum, devoted to the history of Borneo and to the lifestyle and culture of Sarawak's multitude of tribal groups. The museum is one of the best in all of Southeast Asia.

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