Selingan Turtle Island

Turtle Island National Park, known locally as Pulau Penyu, is the nesting site of the green and hawksbill turtles, which come to three small islands here to lay their eggs. The park is heavily protected with only limited visitation allowed, and only overnight travelers have the opportunity to see this rare natural phenomenon.


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Turtle Egg Laying & Hatching

Catch a sunset stroll on the beach and some dinner before the show begins. After dark, the female turtles come ashore to lay their eggs, which park guides will permit you to watch from a safe distance. Afterwards, tour the hatchery where the eggs are taken after being left by their mothers, to protect the hatchlings of this endangered species from predators such as monitor lizards. If you're lucky, you may get to witness the tiny turtles emerging from their shells and there may even be a chance to hold one.

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Seligan Island Resort

Seligan Island Resort

Selingan Turtle Island, Malaysia

Seligan Island Resort is a great resort for nature lovers on a short stay. Situated on a tiny island on the north coast of Malaysian Borneo, the island houses only 60 persons per night. From the tropical island, guests have access to one of the world’s most magical spectacles: observing the night-time egg laying and hatching of sea-turtles on the beaches. This resort is a simple, yet clean and comfortable hotel with 8 rooms, a restaurant and a small shop. In the day time there is little to do but relax on the white sandy beaches and snorkel through the clear lagoons.

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