Set in the South Seas, Malacca has a storied history as an ancient trading route for spices that reached as far as India and China. The capital, Malacca City, is about 150 kilometers southeast from Kuala Lumpur and is home to 800,000 people. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site noted for its multicultural mix of Muslims, Buddhists, Burmese and many others hailing from various heritages. Owing to its hodgepodge of cultures, Malacca is well known for its outstanding cuisine and culinary delights. The city's recorded history dates back to 1400 A.D, when Malacca flourished as a Sultanate before it became a part of various European Empires. The European foothold was garnered by Francis Xavier, a Jesuit missionary who visited Malacca in 1545. (A church sporting his name still exists today). The Dutch pushed out the Portuguese in 1641 and ruled until 1798. The Dutch did not develop Malacca as a trading outpost as Java and Jakarta were their main focus points. They built the Stadhuys (or The Red Building) which was a major signature for them. The Dutch ceded Malacca in 1824, and it was in fact traded for another outpost, Bencoolen, on Sumatra. There was a time when Malacca was a part of the Straits Settlements along with Penang and Singapore. The Japanese army arrived in 1942 and once again control of Malacca changed hands. Much of the world's oil flows through the Malacca Straits, and as such it remains a global point of interest. Because of its strategic location near the capital, Malacca makes a great destination to combine with Kuala Lumpur.


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A Famosa Gate

See the A Famosa gate, the only remaining relic of the Portuguese fort that once enclosed the city. Portuguese for “The Famous,” the gate was saved from destruction by Sir Stamford Raffles, the founder of Singapore, during the height of the Napoleonic wars.


Tanjung Bidara and Pulau Besar are Malacca's two most popular beaches, which attract a good mix of both locals and foreigners.

Christ Church

Christ Church was built in 1753. It shows off Dutch architecture and replicas of the Bible in copper, as well as The Last Supper.

Francis Xavier Church

Built in 1849, this church honors the name of one of Malacca’s first European visitors. He is known as “The Apostle of the East” who came here in the 1500s.

Kampung Kling Mosque

This is one of the very oldest mosques in all of Malaysia, built in 1784. It boasts a hint of Sumatran architecture and has a minaret here that is built like a pagoda. Chinese characters have been carved into the exterior.


Built in 1650 as the main headquarters of the Dutch Governor, today it remains as the “Museum of History and Ethnography.”

Tranquerah Mosque

The Tranquerah Mosque is the oldest in Malacca, and one of the few mosques with a pagoda instead of a minaret. Alongside it is the tomb of Sultan Hussain Shah, the ruler of the territories of Johore and Singapore in the early 19th century.

Walking tour

Go on a walking tour of Old Malacca’s quaint streets. Some of the most memorable sights among the small houses, shops and temples are Dutch Square and Christ Church, the oldest protestant church in Malaysia; Harmony Street, where the three main faiths of Malaysia, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam, all have houses of prayer; and beautiful architecture, designed after the istana (palaces) of the ancient sultans of Malacca, at the Sultanate Palace.

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