Kinabatangan River

Located on the northeast region of Borneo, the Kinabatangan River feeds into the Sulu Sea. The second longest river in Malaysia, the Kinabatangan is almost 350 miles long and is home to a remarkable array of wildlife, including saltwater crocs, orangutans, elephants and rhinos. Hiking and trekking are a big part of the adventure here, as there are limestone caves around Gomantong Hill, dryland forests, freshwater swamp forests, mangroves, and lakes. There are also many bird species along the Kinabatangan floodplain.


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Forest Trek

Hire a private guide and traverse through Borneo’s forests. In ancient times, these forests were the domain of wealthy mandarins from Mainland China, along with the Emperor who sought out elephant ivory, rhino horn and edible bird’s nests. Additional items which were sought by China’s elites include beeswax for candles, hardwoods and illipe nuts. The forests at Kinabatangan River provide wonderful opportunities for nature photography.

Gomantong Caves

About 40 miles from Sandakan Town, along the Sandakan-Lahad Datu Highway, lie the Gomantong Caves, the biggest cave system in Sabah. Headlamps, good hiking boots and other essential items are encouraged for this adventure.

Kinabatangan Orangutan Conservation Project

Lovers of the orangutan will be interested in this rehabilitation center set up by French conservationists, Dr. Isabelle Lackman and Dr. Marc Ancrenaz. In 1998, they created the Kinabatangan Orangutan Conservation Project and developed a plan to help protect and save the orangutans on Sabah. A staff of 40 members, working in conjunction with NGOs and the local government, continue to search for solutions to help the orangutans survive and even thrive in this part of Borneo.

Lower Kinabatangan Floodplain

Covering 104 square miles, the lower Kinabatangan floodplain has been designated a protected area since 1997. Bring your binoculars and seek out the area's many bird species.

Wildlife Safari

Avid adventurers and photographers come to this section of Borneo to look for saltwater crocodiles, orangutans, Asian elephants,proboscis monkeys and the Sumatran rhinoceros.

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