Danum Valley

Danum Valley Conservation Area is comprised of mostly lowland rainforest. It is a delightful slice of Borneo at its very best. It was an informal preserve until the 1990s, when the government of Eastern (Sabah) Malaysia saw its great potential for tourism, as well as the need to formally protect its flora and fauna.

The Valley is about 400 square kilometers or 240 miles in its total area. One of the very best features of this land is that it is totally pristine. Before becoming a park, no humans had lived here. There was no mining or logging. Not many other parks in Southeast Asia can make this very specific claim.

These days, the park serves various functions: physical training, scientific and animal research, conservation and of course, education programs for the young people of Malaysia. They will learn about their nation's abundant natural resources, and the importance of protecting them for future generations.

Remote Lands clientele will enjoy hiking, trekking, photography, nature investigation and the local burial grounds. Come and experience one of the best parks in Borneo. Lovers of the Orangutan will not be disappointed!


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Academic Field Research

Over 70 Ph.D. and Master’s Degrees have been completed in recent decades at Danum Valley. It is a world-class international research facility. In fact, it is one of the premier facilities for rainforest research in all of Southeast Asia. And the canopy here can reach over 100 feet high: that’s a ten story building. Over 350 research projects could be cited, and they have been published in about 400 periodicals. One of the most important projects focuses on climate studies. Come and talk to the researchers about their various projects, and learn fascinating new information.

Burial Grounds

There are ancient burial sites on the far side of the Segama River. Take a guide and go and explore the past of this region. Don’t forget your camera.


The Rajah Brooke Butterfly is king here. But there are various species waiting your arrival: turtles can also be found, as well as the Wallace Flying Frog.

Hiking and Trekking

Danum Valley features various opportunities for walking and hiking as you experience the vast expanse of the area. Borneo is a beautiful island, and Danum provides a totally pristine environment for the hiker. There are also night walks and tropical field trips available.

Nature Walk

For Remote Lands clientele, bird watching is on the agenda. There are various species to be found here. There are also deer, Pygmy Elephants and the aforementioned Orangutans, amongst many other creatures of the natural realm. Don’t forget the Sumatran Rhino.


Lovers of the Orangutan will be thrilled with the opportunity to photography these magnificent animals, amongst many others. Take a take, or several days, to test your photographic abilities.

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