Remote Lands

Chinese Food: The Need-to-Knows

So, you think you know Chinese food? The ubiquitous cuisine we in the west consider to be Chinese accounts for only a tiny percentage of the vast array of dishes represented by this huge country’s many regions. In truth, the tastes, flavors, textures and recipes vary as widely and broadly as the dialects, cultures and […]

Hong Kong for the ladies – the perfect girls getaway destination

For ladies looking to combine glamor, style and fun, a trip to Hong Kong has it all. Convene with your closest friends in “Asia’s world city”, where five-star hotels and delectable cuisine meet modern architecture, myriad cultures, and a thriving contemporary art scene. This bustling city with its bright lights, soaring towers, glittering malls and […]

Take a Walk on the Wild Side – Hiking in Kazakhstan

As the largest landlocked country in central Asia, ninth largest in the world, Kazakhstan boasts a rich and intricate history full of influences from the many tribes and peoples who have called it home over the millennia. Combine its past with stunning scenery, from mountains and gorges to lakes and valleys, and it soon becomes […]

Romance in India – the perfect place to renew your vows

Looking for a destination worthy of your enduring love? A vow renewal ceremony is both a romantic and significant occasion at which your close friends and family can be present to bear witness to your continuing commitment, and it deserves a fitting location. With pristine white sandy beaches, cities full of ancient architecture and lush […]

A Family Adventure in the Land of the Thunder Dragon

Swap the resort’s kids club for a foray into a totally distinct culture and you are looking at a very different family holiday, one that is filled with adventure and enriching, horizon-broadening experiences. If you are the kind of family that eschews Disneyland in favor of unique, off-the-beaten-path experiences, why not take the kids to […]