Remote Lands

Metal Machine Music: Tokyo’s Robot Restaurant

When Anthony Bourdain paid a visit to Robot Restaurant in 2013, the cabaret show began piquing the interests of foreign visitors. I needed to see this show during my first trip to Tokyo - and in fact I was lucky enough to see it twice!

The Road to Heaven’s Gate: Ha Giang, Vietnam

In the northernmost nether regions of Vietnam exists a remote destination that has been open to tourism for a mere six years - Ha Giang, a region virtually untouched by the harmful effects of mass tourism and big industries.

Taipei 101: In Search of Taiwan’s Roots

I stood staring down from the 89th floor of Taipei 101, seeing the capital of Taiwan for the first time at full scale and wondering how it all fit together...

Phnom Kulen, Cambodia – Birthplace of the Khmer Empire

Situated about two hours north of Siem Reap, Phnom Kulen is a worthy full-day excursion away from the most famous Khmer temples of Angkor. This is one of the most historically significant places in Cambodia.

Luxury, Japan-Style: Kaga’s Ryokans & Onsens

To properly sample the traditional Japanese way of life, there are two experiences that I would encourage all visitors to try. The first would be to stay at a traditional Japanese Inn, known as a Ryokan, and secondly to pay a visit to a Japanese Hot Spring, which is called an Onsen


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