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Cambodia, an ancient empire with some of the most fascinating and architecturally-astounding structures in the world (think: Angkor Wat, and the newly-discovered ancient temple city of Mahendraparvat, said to be a potential rival to Machu Picchu), has a vast array of stunning accommodation that incorporates its deep-rooted traditions, artwork, and warm-hearted culture, with modern and luxurious features. Cambodia, a monarchy that dates back to long ago, knows how to treat its guests like royalty. Guests can embark upon their Indiana Jones-esque adventures in total comfort and style in Cambodia, which not only provides luxury hotels, but also fine dining and other lovely offbeat pleasures and adventures. Cambodia’s main luxury hotels are based in its two most well-known cities: Siem Reap and Phnom Penh (the capital), and these inland hotels tend to have traditional, royal architecture with a strong sense of history. Amansara, once the guesthouse of the revered King Sihanouk, is a property that stands out as a particular favorite. There are a few beach resorts popping up in the South, some of which rival Thailand’s tropical villas, including Song Saa, a luxury resort on one of Cambodia’s private islands.

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Our General Manager Victoria Hilley loves the beautiful pink sandstone carvings of Banteay Srei temple, near Siem Reap.
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