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A small island nation located 112 miles east of China, Taiwan is one of the most eclectic of Asian countries with influences from all its neighbors. The country is best known for its mountainous terrain, hot spring resorts, night markets, temples, museums and contemporary city feel in its capital Taipei. Located in the north and bursting with life, Taipei encapsulates a heady mix of Chinese, Japanese and Western influence in its culture, arts, architecture and food; the magical hum of this city is unmistakable.

Boasting an incredible culinary scene, with Chinese influences and from bordering Japan, visitors can find the best of the best in Taipei, from a variety of incredible street foods to sumptuous banquets and fine dining experiences. When in Taipei, for pure luxury and indulgence, stay at the Mandarin Oriental, where guests can watch the hustle and bustle of the city go by while enjoying pampering sessions in the onsite Spa. From here, take day trips on the incredibly efficient train system to discover hot springs, river parks, tea fields and not-forgotten colonial towns with magnificent mountainous national park backdrops.

To experience the traditional and by-gone era of Taiwan, head south, which feels worlds away from the vibrant buzzing life of Taipei and experience  temples, shrines, forts and a myriad of festivals including the infamous Burning of the Wang Yeh Boats involving inviting gods to earth, offering them a feast of foods. Once satiated, the Taiwanese people ask the gods to take back with them any demons or issues plaguing them, with an incredible boat torching ceremony to conclude the festival symbolizing the banishing of said demons. 

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