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Danum Valley

Danum Valley Conservation Area is comprised of mostly lowland rainforest. It is a delightful slice of Borneo at its very best. It was an informal preserve until the 1990s, when the government of Eastern (Sabah) Malaysia saw its great potential for tourism, as well as the need to formally protect its flora and fauna.

The Valley is about 400 square kilometers or 240 miles in its total area. One of the very best features of this land is that it is totally pristine. Before becoming a park, no humans had lived here. There was no mining or logging. Not many other parks in Southeast Asia can make this very specific claim.

These days, the park serves various functions: physical training, scientific and animal research, conservation and of course, education programs for the young people of Malaysia. They will learn about their nation's abundant natural resources, and the importance of protecting them for future generations.

Remote Lands clientele will enjoy hiking, trekking, photography, nature investigation and the local burial grounds. Come and experience one of the best parks in Borneo. Lovers of the Orangutan will not be disappointed!

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